Pipeline Safety strongly believes that safety is our number one guarantee and if that cannot happen we will not do the job. We abide by all of the state and federal safety regulation and belong to ISNetworld, Veriforce, NCMS, PEC Premier, and OQSG. Here at Pipeline Safety, we believe in our team. We endeavor daily to advance the safety of our employees and their surrounding environment as well as keenly reexamine and update our policies.
We promise to:

Take advice from our personnel, contractors, and clients in order to have the finest well-being, safety, and environmental performance in the business.
Encourage recommendations from our personnel, contractors, and clients to improve our performance.
Accommodate our safety record and procedures for review by any personnel, contractor, or client
Manage current technology to minimize any chance of destruction to the environment or our employees’ well-being.

Our safety guidelines form the foundation of our corporate philosophy, and our obligation to safety is shared not only by our eldest leadership but by our most recent team member as well. Additionally, to new personnel training and our annual safety meetings, Pipeline Safety has two full-time safety auditors who are mobile throughout the country observing our safety presentation year-round. We set striving goals for our company and trace our improvement thoroughly.

Safety Personnel & Equipment

Our safety personnel are available to serve your projects on an as needed or long term basis. Our experienced personnel assist in improving the overall safety culture of the projects are safe and run as smooth as possible.

Safety Program Development

We take an individual, cost effective approach to build your program step by step.  From off the shelf basic regulatory compliance manuals, to fully customized and integrated safety management systems, we can provide and manage your entire safety program.

Safety Training

Our experienced instructors and first class facilities and equipment are available 24/7.  Our instructors are certified to train PEC Basic, Core Compliance, Safe land/Safe gulf, SEMS, OSHA 10.OSHA 30, and over 100 individual safety and quality courses.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

On call 24/7, our approved mobile labs and full service facilities are available for a simple sample collection, or to manage your entire drug and alcohol program.  Our collectors are approved by both DOT/PHMSA, DISA, and all major testing consortiums.