PipeTrax — Bar Coding & Traceability

The PipeTrax Team specializes in Material Logistics, Traceability, and Electronic Document Management (EDM). Our Team has the expertise and the tools to assist our clients in realizing project goals. We understand the importance of establishing and complying with the fundamentals of Designs, Specifications, Procedures, and Regulations. We also understand the critical need to demonstrate compliance of these fundamentals to governing and other parties (PHMSA/DOT, Operations, and the Public). We call this, “Proving Your Processes.” Material and constructability integrity are critical to the success of any pipeline project. Our comprehensive cradle-to-grave approach to traceability assists our clients in achieving just that – as successful project completion.

Material Logistics

Material Logistics provide coordination for material movement and assists in the scheduling of project events from pipe manufacturing through installation (i.e. Pipe Mill, Coating, Transportation, Stringing, Installation, etc.)  A “point of contact” is established for all field communications and coordination, which ensures project material deliverables coincide with overall project schedule milestones.

Electronic Document Management

A file nomenclature along with a structure is established and tailored specific to the project before commencement. At commencement, field documentation is collected near real time and documents are then reviewed by qualified office personnel upon receipt. Personnel check for completeness, quality, missing documents, discrepancies and such. Any possible issues or discrepancies on documentation are relayed to the Inspection Team for near real time resolution. Document Control Progress reports are created and sent out monthly throughout the project; this gives all parties a snap shot of current progress and allows for better communication among all parties. At the end of a project, clients receive a hard drive with the project’s final IDS( Interactive Document System); all documentation is organized, validated, and formatted in an electronic searchable structure.


Our proprietary systems allow us to track pipe/weld and cross reference data from coil, to pipe mill, to laydown yard, to installation, ending at hydrostatic testing. Original pipe & weld numbers are transferred to the pipe OD via barcode labels, allowing all pipe/welds to be traced through all phases. Qualified personnel are placed in these critical phases of the project equipped with portable field units, scanners, and printers. Data collected is then validate via our systems. PS&C office and field technicians monitor the database daily to resolve any issues near real time.

Document Archiving

Document Archiving is used by clients to convert old project documents to an electronic format for preservation and easy access.  For the final deliverable, clients receive a hard drive with all document archives in final IDS ( Interactive Document System) format; all documentation is organized and formatted in an electronic searchable structure.

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